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Who we are

Neuromegen is a diagnostic tool created in the Unit of Diagnostic and Treatment of Congenital Metabolic Illnesses of the Clinical Hospital of Santiago de Compostela. Neuromegen is based in technology of massive sequencing, phenotypic analysis and recognition of patterns and serves to facilitate the diagnostic of the neurometabolic disorders.

Gene Panels

NeuroMeGen analyses simultaneously groups of genes associated to overlapping clinical and biochemical stages included in the same differential diagnostic, with a time of answer of 1-2 months and with a similar cost to the of the conventional analysis of an alone gene.

Test Menu molecula



The genomic medicine is being developed in the frame of a sanitary system instead. To see the progress that we incorporate to our signposts, please contact us here.



NeuroMeGen uses technology of hybridisation in solution like tool of enrichment of the genomic DNA, and technology of massive sequencing in the platform MiSeq of Illumina, in addition to creating algorithms.


Sending Samples

We put to your disposal a form to request sending of samples to our laboratories. Check prices without commitment. For more information see here.